Loss / Damaged Parcels
  1. Our responsibility for the parcels commence when the parcels arrive at our warehouse and end upon delivery of the parcels to delivery address or pick-up point designated by the consignee.
  2. We disclaim liability for any loss or damage of the parcels during the delivery from the seller to our warehouse.
  3. Any claim of loss must be submitted to our customer services representatives by email within 7 calendar days, failing which claims will not be entertained.
  4. Upon receipt of sufficient information to substantiate your claim, we will make the compensation compare 3 times of shipment fee or the declared value or the value of the goods depends which is lower, maximum claim HKD$800.
  5. You are advised to take out additional insurance coverage at your own costs if our compensation is considered insufficient.
Filling of Claims
  1. Please keep the original packaging and take photos of the parcel in different angles.
  2. If you suspect that the package is damaged or has been opened before, please put in remarks upon signing of the delivery note, failing which no claim will be accepted.
  3. No compensation will be offered if parcel is seized by the customs authorities (e.g. due to containing of any counterfeit goods or restricted or prohibited goods) and we reserve our rights to recover from you all losses and damages incurred.
  4. All of the following must be provided in order to proceed with the claim:
    • KE Consol delivery note
    • Consignee contact number
    • KE Consol Account
    • Photos of inner and outer packaging of the parcel (clear order number must be shown ) (only applicable to cases other than lost shipment)
    • Valid proof of authenticity (for example, official invoices issued by shops, handwritten receipts are not accepted)
  5. We will make the compensation within 14 working days after verification and acceptance of your claim.
  6. All compensation will be settled in Hong Kong Dollars and returned to your KE Consol Wallet.
  7. Any claim must be submitted to our customer services representatives by email within 7 calendar days after signing of the delivery note.
  8. In case of any disputes on a claim, we reserve the rights to make the final decision.